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Cremation Section in Lone Oak Cemetery, Leesburg, FL

About Lone Oak Cemetery

"Lone Oak was in use for almost 20 years before the land was deeded by Dr. Sydney J. Bouknight and his wife on January 3, 1884 to Josiah A. Lee, Obed Fussell and Josiah S. Dyches, as trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of Lone Oak, and their successors in office. The deed was recorded November 1887, by which time W. W. Ward and Joel F. McClendon has been elected successors to Lee and Dyches." [ibid.] 

The first recorded interment was that of Mrs. Minerva Howell, on February 2nd, 1867, and a pole fence was built around the grave to protect it from the "varmints", as the old settlers called the wild animals. A marble headstone now marks the site of this grave. 

One day in January 1893, a number of Leesburg ladies met at the residence of Mrs. J. A. Hansbrough, for the purpose of organizing a Cemetery Improvement Association. Soon after this group became active, they erected a wrought iron fence around the cemetery grounds. This fence now lines the roadway in front of the historic section of the cemetery. 




Tracy Metcalf - Executive Director 

Jacqueline Orris - Assistant Director


John Hoornstra - President

Tom Jones - Vice President

Murray Tucker - Treasurer

Jackie Johnson - Secretary 



Mary L. "Midge" Dodge

M. Meredith Kirstie

Beverly Olinstad

Murray Tucker

Jackie Johnson

Tom Jones

John Hoornstra

Frank Stivender

Kirste Ohstad


John Mayfield



David Wilbanks - Maintenance Supervisor

Balvin Johnson - Grounds Maintenance

Jerry "Rooster" Man, Jr. - Grounds Maintenance

Daniel Smith - Grounds Maintenance

Al Graham - Landscaping

Trustees - Lone Oak Cemetery
Veterans memorial at Lone Oak Cemetery
Lone Oak Cemetary US Flag
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